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Peter Wahlberg was born in 1954 and grew up in Gavle, Sweden, he joined the High School outside of New York and in 1976 he moved to Stockholm and studied economy and read parts of the law. While he was at the age of 21 he worked as accounting manager at a small company. In 1979, he chose between two adopted jobs, trainee Handelsbanken or a new world, the world of computers, it became the computer world as a partner and member of the Senior management of Datatronic AB.
Over 10 years the company expanded, at that time, to the second largest computer company in the world by, acquiring Victor Technologies in the US, Handic companies in Gothenburg and Holland (Vic 20 C-64). It went from 12 employees to a group with 21 subsidiaries worldwide and 2000 employees with a turnover of 2 billion sek and an annual profit of 10%. Datatronic / Victor who was a listed company, was sold to the Tandy Cooperation in the United States, 1989.
During this period, Peter Wahlberg was in charge of the company's business development and problem solver. He was the acting CEO in eg Handic that successfully launched, until today's best-selling home computer in the world Commodore C-64, Also Handic home parabolic antenna who became the first dish to be sold to consumers with low price.
Peter Wahlberg also took care of the entire reorganization in Victor Techn.Inc (publ) United States, where production was moved to Japan and a decrease of 3 000 persons in California in connection with this. Headquarters relocated in the US during Peter's leadership.
In connection with the banking crisis of 1991-93 Peter worked as a Senior Advisor to various banks in Sweden and focused on business problems.
In the late 90's  Peter worked extensively with Asia and brand-building, licensing. Partners included the Itochu Cooperation, and IMG Mc.Cormac, former Asia head.
IT crisis in the beginning of -00 meant that Peter worked as senior advisor to Skandia and was a member of the management team of Prosper Capital, which handled 90 companies that were evaluated and resolved. During four years of work Prosper succeeded to returned about 2 billion to Skandia thus did not make any major losses on their former private equity holdings.
During the late -00 and the beginning of -10 it became more missions abroad and Peter commuted for years to London, Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul, inter alia, to undertake a major reconstruction of a very well known French fashion designer and artist. And dissolve a Public Company in London. That meant back in close collaboration with legal specialists in all countries, as well as economists and financial partners.
Since 2013, most missions focused back to Sweden, although some missions remain abroad.
Peter is the one who initially conduct a due diligence of the cooperations and the Shareholders/ Board of Directors gets proposes that measures and starts the process. Then the appropriate external lawyers, accountants are let into the process so that each party contributes with the knowledge and efficiency required.
Through the large networks that are in hand the process will be effective with a high intigritet.
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