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Solving Problems

Historically, all companies irrespective of their size will get in trouble. Too many Shareholders and Boards of Directors trust that a skilful management will solve them.

The reality is often different. There is no skilled management team that will take companies forwards, who also have experience of cleaning the problems, then it takes extra time.

That many do apply directly to a lawyer or a notary for support in solving problems is not always the best. Instead to bring in someone that is operationally knowledgeable of companies that virtually all problems and have been involved in the solution process. That focuses exclusively on the solution, clean up and then leave, is saving much time and energy. It is important with the Due Dilligens which is the key to the processes to be decided.

Senior CRO work independent and do not employ its own staff, it means each case is treated in a much more flexible way to bring in the specialist skills needed during the process.

After a completed DD and a Board of Directors accept. the work starts with everything from finding the best business lawyer, administrator, trustee in bankruptcy, liquidator, or prospective partner.

Experience shows that Management in the company can continue to look ahead and get the company to spin, while cleaning the patrol solve the problems. Sounds simple? Yes everything is pretty simple when right knowledge is available. The key is to grasp the problems and it is never too late to move on.